Many of you on WordPress have become good friends over the years. This is a hard post for me to write, and it may very well be my last on this site. My Beloved and I are traveling more, and I find myself spread too thin with all of the social media venues available these days. I’ve decided to cut back on most of my social media activities.

I’d like to stay in touch. If you’d like to do the same and if you haven’t already done so, I invite you to “Friend” me on Facebook.

If you’d like to continue learning more about my latest writing projects, book releases, offers, and adventures in the publishing world, and perhaps a little songwriting and poetry along the way, please follow and “Like” me at my Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/russtownebooks/.

Thank you for the love, kindness, support, encouragement, and friendships so many of you have given to me over the years on WordPress. I wish you and your loved ones a life full of blessings.

With Love,


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Buy One Get One Free! (BOGO)

For a limited time, if you buy one of my fiction books from me via my PayPal account I’ll send you both of my fiction books via Amazon fulfillment.

You have the option of getting a second copy of the same title or one copy of each title. You can select either eBook or softcover format and the free copy will be in the same format.

It Was Her Eyes


A chance look at an old painting sends young Travis McKinnon on an epic adventure that will change him forever–if he survives. But it isn’t just his life that hangs in the balance. The fate of several young women also rests on his shoulders. Travis quickly finds himself in a foreign land and time, unable to speak the language, facing terrible odds against a gang of ruthless gunmen, harsh elements, an arduous journey on a horse named “Damn You,” a deadly sleeping companion, and his own inexperience and lack of confidence in himself as he races the clock to try to keep a promise to a beautiful woman he’d just met. Each of these challenges would be extremely difficult for Travis, but together they appear to be impossible.

Travis soon learns he’s in way over his head and hasn’t learned to swim in such treacherous waters. As his rescue attempt goes disastrously wrong, he begins to wonder, who’s saving whom?

It Was Her Eyes is a thrilling action adventure novella set in the old West.



TOUCHED - 2000

Terror, love, chills, hope, magic, thrills, and fantasy await you. Come inside and be Touched! These stories will inspire, haunt, amaze, and delight readers who love to experience the wide array of speculative and flash fiction genres. Journey from inner hearts to outer space, utopias to dystopias, and many worlds in between. Experience the hope, strength, perseverance, despair, and heroism of ordinary people as they face breathtaking odds, with their lives and, sometimes, the fate of whole worlds hanging in the balance. Touched is a celebration of life, people, heroism, and overcoming incredible odds to survive.

Limit five per customer.

The cost for either title is:

eBook: $0.99

Softcover: $7.49

With Love,






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Clever Writer

I have faced similar challenges as the zoo manager in the following humorous story when writing. I admire his creative solution, though I haven’t yet needed to order a mongoose or two.

With Love,


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Thesaurus Humor

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The Eyes (Have It in Softcover)

My latest book, titled It Was Her Eyes, is now available on Amazon.com in softcover/paperback format:

It Was Her Eyes

I’m working on a hardcover version. It is likely to be released in January.

With Love,


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I Wanted You to Be the First to Know

Thank you for being a follower of this site. I wanted you to be the first to know about the project on which I’ve begun working today which will hopefully someday become my thirtieth book. (My twenty-eighth book It Was Her Eyes is scheduled for release in about two weeks, to be hopefully followed by a new children’s book titled Flora Belle and Dreami Dragon in January 2017.)

My newest project is attempting to turn my short story Here into a novella. As some of you my recall, Here is a story of an unique utopian community set on a lush tropical island.  The novella will introduce internal and external threats, plots, and twists, which are likely to destroy the vision, hopes, and reality of all those on the island.

With Love,


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My First Novella’s Cover


This is the front cover for my soon-to-be-released first novella, It Was Her Eyes. The watermarks will be removed for the actual cover.

With love,


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