It Was Her Eyes Update

I revised the story for my first novella It Was Her Eyes based on excellent feedback I received from seven Beta Readers, then sent it to my editor. It is now ready for the interior layout and cover design. Unfortunately, this is the busiest time of year for book publishing professionals and it’s likely this book won’t be released until early next year.

I’m proud of all my books but am especially proud of this one. It’s an action adventure story featuring humor, time travel, thrills, men and women fighting for their lives against incredible odds, deadly bedmates, a cantankerous horse named “Damn You,”and more.

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I Have Paid Gigs for Self-Published Authors

I don’t need writers, but I need people who can set up the files for for the covers and interiors of my books for KDP (eBooks), Createspace (Soft Cover), IngramSpark (Hard Cover), can design book covers, and/or can create storyboards for children’s picture books.

Please spread the word. If you’re interested, please ask me for more details.

Thank you.

With Love.


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“A blank page is also a door…” David Mitchell QUOTES FOR WRITERS (and people who like quotes)

A blank page is an opportunity for me to send myself and readers on adventures exploring the cosmos, our planet, or the greatest mystery of all, ourselves.


A blank page is also a door — it contains infinity, like a night sky with a supermoon really close to the Earth, with all the stars and the galaxies, where you can see very, very clearly… You know how that makes your heart beat faster?
David Mitchell

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Three Lives in One

It’s happened. Dreams of real life and imagined life life via one of my fiction stories joined together into a mind-tripping dream meld last night. My mind replayed a combined sequence of challenging times that I actually lived through, through in a bad times that happened to others, and added scenes from a fiction story I’m polishing.

I believe I accidentally set myself up for it when I added a brief dream sequence to my story It Was Her Eyes late last night and shortly later went to bed. A Beta Reader had suggested I consider adding a dream sequence (which I think is a cool idea) and when I came up with one that helped the story, I went with it. Then it went with me as I slept. As Spock would say, “Fascinating.”

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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” -Frederick Douglass

“Forever Free” I like the sound of that. It would make a great book title.

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An Insight Just Hit Me

An editor is a bit like a translator for someone struggling to be understood.

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An Announcement & Opportunity

I just finished the initial full draft of my first official novella-length story, titled It Was Her Eyes. I’ve never been more proud of my writing nor felt more like a writer than when I typed “The End” after completing this phase of what has been for me a long and exciting journey. It is a story I’d like to read.

It’s about 20,500 words in length. The last several hours of the project were made even better because I sat outside under the corrugated metal roof over our back porch, dogs at my feet, with the first large and much-needed rainstorm of the season pouring  down all around us. The sound of the pounding rain is so simultaneously invigorating and relaxing. The air so clean and fresh. A slight breeze carries the mist from splashing raindrops to lightly tickle my face, reminding me of the miracle of being alive.  It’s pure magic, combining several of my favorite things into an unforgettable experience.

I now seek Beta Readers, people who would be willing commit to reading my story looking for plot holes, factual errors, consistency and continuity errors, and such. My excellent editor will take care of grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling, etc. Beta Readers will focus on big-picture stuff as they experience an unedited early-draft text, and then speak their truth about it in a loving way. They’ll point out the problems without recommending specific solutions. The latter is my job.

Please contact me at if you are interested in learning more.

Thank you!

With Love,


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